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Let Wheatgrass Boost Your Energy, Immune System and Beautiful Skin

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When people make Wheatgrass part of their daily regimen they notice two things in a short period of time. Within a week they feel a sense of elevated energy level and they sense it because they are not tired as much at the end of the day and they have more sense of doing like they can keep going on. In about 2 weeks of regular usage they start to notice that their skin gets clearer and it looks very healthy and good. In about a month of usage they notice that they don’t get sick easily and generally they notice this around the flu or allergy season when everyone around them is falling sick and for some reason they don’t seem to get sick.

Why is that so?

My insight into using it for long time is that wheatgrass is packed with micronutrients including B-12 that is not available in any fruits, vegetables or other green leafy food products. Even bigger reason is Chlorophyll, the green in the wheatgrass is the liquid gold that has a molecular structure of human blood. Chlorophyll has a magnesium atom while human blood has iron, and the human blood upon contacting oxygen turns red. The oxidation of the iron gives it the red color and when it lodges the oxygen in the blood stream to be used by other parts of the body for cleaning it turns blue in color. The Magnesium in Chlorophyll is nature’s cleanser. Laxatives sold in the market use magnesium as an active ingredient. It calms the nerves system, dilates the arteries and builds enzymes for proper functioning of the DNA. Tables A and B show the level of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are available in the wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass juice has as much as 5 to 10 times nutrition packed in 100 grams as compared to other vegetables and meats. For example compare iron in wheatgrass juice and spinach review the potassium, B-12, and vitamin-E levels.

Difference between nutrition and supplement

There is a common thinking that if you have the active ingredient of a food or compound then that is enough. Like thinking that if you have an engine of a car that it would be drivable. If engine is the active ingredient then rest of the car is the enzyme that helps driving possible. The enzymes are factors that naturally occur in a complete food, an apple has everything it needs to digest food in your body, because the enzymes will help achieve that.

Enzymes are very sensitive to the following:

Salt concentration, Temperature and pH of the food.

When a food is processed to alter its most natural state then the enzymes can be easily lost to the process and rendered ineffective.

Powder or Pill wheatgrass vs. Frozen WOW wheatgrass

WOW wheatgrass is a juice extract from the wheatgrass and nothing more.

1) You can use it on cuts, burns and on any other topical application.

2) You can also do an enema with WOW wheatgrass juice. If you catch a flu or have bad allergies do an enema and you will know the power of WOW wheatgrass.

3) If you have tooth ache and cannot get rid of it gargle you mouth, remove any food particles from it and apply 2 to 3 drops of Pure Bliss oil on the pain site and watch a difference works way better than cloves. Then take wheatgrass and swish it around you mouth for at least 30 seconds and drink it. Repeat these steps and watch the miracle unfold in front of you.

An all natural pharmacy in your own freezer. You will not be able to achieve all of the above with powder or pill wheatgrass—because it does not have digestive sugars to make that possible.

Energy Difference

When you use the WOW wheatgrass the energy profile in your body is going to be different than that of powder. With the WOW wheatgrass juice you will have a strong stable energy, which is solely based upon the B-12 it has available. In case of powder it will have more of caffeine feel where you will feel a rush to the frontal lobe of your brain and then it will subside. In case of WOW wheatgrass juice it will have more of tingling sensation in the frontal lobe of your brain that will clear it and you will feel refreshed. We recommend that when you use the WOW wheatgrass juice for the first time use it only if you are tired. Most people have an afternoon dip in their energy level where they will feel sleepy and tired, when you find yourself in such a state try the WOW wheatgrass juice and see what it does.

Our Experience Is

1) The first week of taking WOW wheatgrass will start to give you a pep right away however, you will see if you take it regularly you will feel this way all day and everyday.

2) After a week of use you will find that the person in the mirror has a clearer skin and it looks more healthy and luscious.

3) After one month and around the allergy and flu seasons you will find for some mysterious reasons you are not getting sick but everybody around you is sick.

Oh, One Last Thing—Fresh vs. Frozen wheatgrass

You will hear a lot of chatter on fresh vs. frozen wheatgrass. Which is the most ideal. The question really is not what is ideal but what is doable or practical. If you buy green bananas you will know that when you get them within 4 or 5 days they turn yellow and in 10 days yellow with black spots and gnats hovering around them. When you buy fresh grass in tray or cut by the time you get it the grass may be 10 to 12 days old you will take another 7 to 10 days to drink it and that will make it 17 days old, if you forget to drink it in that time period you will loose money because grass does not keep well. Most of the grass that you buy is not clean and it is very easy to grow mold and other things if the temperature and humidity is not just right. For practical and nutritional reasons we cut the grass on the optimal day right before it goes into a reproductive state. This allows us to lock the ingredients and we thoroughly clean it and juice it immediately. WOW wheatgrass juice is the most optimal juice that one can humanly produce.


WOW wheatgrass is the only juice on the market that is available to anyone for under $1 an ounce. We figured we touch lives directly and give all the benefits to the end user—instead of middleman. Each cup holds about 1.5 ounces and you get 70 ounces for $99 delivered to your door. The math is 1.5 x 70 = 105 ounces for $99 that includes shipping. You cannot grow, buy and process it for that price and it is cheaper than any powdered grass.

Our complete website will be up and running in next 3 weeks, if you wish to try our WOW wheatgrass please call 216-287-0237 and someone will take your order. The product will arrive within 2 days and shipping is FREE.

Two choices you have are:

• 70 /1 ounce containers for $99 (2 month supply).

• Any amount of wheatgrass for $1.43/1 ounce with a minimum of 70 ounces.

Vitamins & Minerals Comparison Between Wheatgrass & Common Foods

Per 100 Grams Unit WheatGrass Sprout Spinach Broccoli Eggs Chicken
Protein g 25 7.490 2.860 2.980 12.440 17.550
Fat g 7.980 1.270 0.350 0.350 9.980 20.330
Calcium mg 321.000 28.000 99.000 48.000 49.000 10.000
-> Iron mg -> 24.900 2.140 -> 2.710 0.880 1.440 1.040
Magnesium mg 112.000 82.000 79.000 25.000 10.000 20.000
Phosphorus mg 575.000 200.000 49.000 66.000 177.000 172.000
-> Potassium mg -> 3,225.000 169.000 -> 558.000 325.000 120.000 204.000
Sodium mg 18.800 16.000 79.000 27.000 280.000 71.000
Zinc mg 4.870 1.650 0.530 0.400 1.100 1.190
Copper mg 0.375 0.261 0.130 0.045 0.014 0.074
Manganese mg 2.450 1.858 0.897 0.229 0.026 0.019
Selenium mcg 2.500 n/a 1.000 3.000 30.800 n/a
Vitamin C mg 214.500 2.600 28.100 93.200 0.000 2.400
Thiamine (B1) mg 0.350 0.225 0.078 0.065 0.049 0.114
Riboflavin (B2) mg 16.900 0.155 0.189 0.119 0.430 0.167
Niacin (B3) mg 8.350 3.087 0.724 0.638 0.062 6.262
Pantothenic (B5) mg 0.750 0.947 0.065 0.535 1.125 0.920
Vitamin B6 mg 1.400 0.265 0.195 0.159 0.118 0.330
Folate mcg 1110.000 38.000 194.000 71.000 35.000 6.000
-> Vitamin B-12 mcg -> 0.800 -> 0.000 -> 0.000 -> 0.000 0.800 0.320
Vitamin A IU 513.000 0.000 6715.00 n/a 632.000 176.000
Vit A RE mcg 2520.000 0.000 672.000 154.000 190.000 52.000
Vitamin E mg 9.100 0.050 1.890 1.660 1.050 n/a
Data compiled from USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory Release 11-1, whole leaf dehydarted
wheat grass from Pines International (Southern Testing & Research Laoratories).
Sprouts are three day old wheat sprouts.

8 Essential Amino Acids of Wheatgrass & Common Foods

Per 100 Grams Unit WheatGrass Sprout Spinach Broccoli Eggs Chicken
Threonine g 1.360 0.254 0.122 0.091 0.597 0.726
Isoleucine g 1.450 0.287 0.147 0.109 0.679 0.877
Phenylalanine g 1.820 0.350 0.129 0.084 0.661 0.682
Arginine g 2.030 0.425 0.162 0.145 0.746 1.099
Alanine g 2.280 0.295 0.142 0.118 0.693 1.021
Aspartic Acid g 4.310 0.453 0.240 0.213 1.250 1.565
Glutamic Acid g 4.350 1.871 0.343 0.375 1.626 2.568
Aspartic Acid g 1.570 0.674 0.112 0.114 0.496 0.846
Wheatgrass used is indoor grown freeze dried 42.8% protein, 8.4% moisture, courtesy of Sheldon Farms
(analysis by Northeast Labs.) Sprouts are 3 day old wheat sprouts. Vegetable data from USDA
Human Research Center Nutrient Data Lab Release 11-1.

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