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Natures health manager

Our human body is like a small business. The foods that you choose to eat are like employees. If you don’t have a very good job description for your potential employees then your hiring will be based upon unclear, haphazard and unrelated criterions. Not a good strategy if you want to be efficient and successful. The foods that you choose should have a clear job description that they will full fill in your body. However, in most cases the foods are chosen on the basis of taste alone, when we say that the food is good means food tastes good. Therefore, most food manufacturers focus on flavoring and not on the content—$100 billion of just carbonated sugar beverage industry. Corporate restaurants are afraid to cut down on salt usage fearing that people will not like the food product—overly salted french-fries. The job description can also be thought of skills that a food will have on the value they bring to the body—nutrition. When a business (body) has few skilled workers (foods) to support its day to day function, the business (body) will suffer. Without good team of skilled employees business will not grow, flourish and will see a premature demise. This is precisely the case with our body today. All the diseases are on the rise now—heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. In the U.S. deaths due to Cancer for the first time will over take heart disease even though President Nixon had predicted a complete elimination by late 1970’s. The only way we will survive as a species is if we choose foods for nutrition and not just taste alone as in our example choosing the best employees with the right skill set that meet our job description.

How do I Choose good foods?

Food should be chosen on the basis of its fiber content. By this definition the best foods to eat would be fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. Fiber performs multiple functions in your body:

1) It helps hold water and titrates it into the system instead of dumping all at once and causing a shock to the system either in sugar, acid or nutrients.

2) Our bodies cooking mechanism (GI tract) is over 30 feet long tube compacted in a relatively small cavity. The foods that are high in fiber are easy to move in such tight corners and have a low chance to get stuck. This reduces chances of backup and disease formation.

3) It helps stabilize the acid and sugar contents the duo that keeps the body functioning. Acid breaks down the foods into sugar supplied into cells to form energy.

How will WOW Wheatgrass help?

Wheatgrass can be thought of as a good manager. A manager is a person who helps orchestrate or facilitate a business activity. A successful manager has an experience on all aspects of business. In the case of food that would translate to a food that has all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The nutritional content is the experience equivalent. Wheatgrass has 3 to 4 times more vitamins and minerals than the well known fruits and vegetables known in its category. For example in 100 grams of wheatgrass juice there is 3500 mg of potassium equivalent to 5 bananas, it has 9 times more iron than spinach. The table shows a comparison of 100 grams of a particular food item to wheatgrass presented by the USDA and an independent lab.

To get the amount of nutrition that is packed in 1 ounce of wheatgrass juice you will have to consume 2.5 pounds of fruits and vegetables, by that comparison wheatgrass is the cheapest super food money can buy. In the today’ high on caffeine world wheatgrass cannot be beat as it has natural B-12 that packs an energy punch that you will clearly feel and appreciate. It will create a new measure and criterion of food in your mind and you will expect more from you foods. A good manager helps tremendously in orchestrating the body efficiently but it can only do so much. Even if you have the best manager in the world but heir poor employees with little or no skills the manager will not be able to pull it through. A good manager is as good as their team. Wheatgrass will do a lot for the body but choosing high fiber foods as the employees will be the best combination for your body.

I recommend that you try a combination of high fiber diet with 1 to 2 ounces of WOW wheatgrass juice for one week and notice a clear difference.


WOW wheatgrass is the only juice on the market that is available to anyone for under $1 an ounce. We figured we touch lives directly and give all the benefits to the end user—instead of middleman. Each cup holds about 1.5 ounces and you get 70 ounces for $99 delivered to your door. The math is 1.5 x 70 = 105 ounces for $99 that includes shipping. You cannot grow, buy and process it for that price and it is cheaper than any powdered grass.

Vitamins & Minerals Comparison Between Wheatgrass & Common Foods

Per 100 Grams Unit WheatGrass Sprout Spinach Broccoli Eggs Chicken
Protein g 25 7.490 2.860 2.980 12.440 17.550
Fat g 7.980 1.270 0.350 0.350 9.980 20.330
Calcium mg 321.000 28.000 99.000 48.000 49.000 10.000
-> Iron mg -> 24.900 2.140 -> 2.710 0.880 1.440 1.040
Magnesium mg 112.000 82.000 79.000 25.000 10.000 20.000
Phosphorus mg 575.000 200.000 49.000 66.000 177.000 172.000
-> Potassium mg -> 3,225.000 169.000 -> 558.000 325.000 120.000 204.000
Sodium mg 18.800 16.000 79.000 27.000 280.000 71.000
Zinc mg 4.870 1.650 0.530 0.400 1.100 1.190
Copper mg 0.375 0.261 0.130 0.045 0.014 0.074
Manganese mg 2.450 1.858 0.897 0.229 0.026 0.019
Selenium mcg 2.500 n/a 1.000 3.000 30.800 n/a
Vitamin C mg 214.500 2.600 28.100 93.200 0.000 2.400
Thiamine (B1) mg 0.350 0.225 0.078 0.065 0.049 0.114
Riboflavin (B2) mg 16.900 0.155 0.189 0.119 0.430 0.167
Niacin (B3) mg 8.350 3.087 0.724 0.638 0.062 6.262
Pantothenic (B5) mg 0.750 0.947 0.065 0.535 1.125 0.920
Vitamin B6 mg 1.400 0.265 0.195 0.159 0.118 0.330
Folate mcg 1110.000 38.000 194.000 71.000 35.000 6.000
-> Vitamin B-12 mcg -> 0.800 -> 0.000 -> 0.000 -> 0.000 0.800 0.320
Vitamin A IU 513.000 0.000 6715.00 n/a 632.000 176.000
Vit A RE mcg 2520.000 0.000 672.000 154.000 190.000 52.000
Vitamin E mg 9.100 0.050 1.890 1.660 1.050 n/a
Data compiled from USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory Release 11-1, whole leaf dehydarted
wheat grass from Pines International (Southern Testing & Research Laoratories).
Sprouts are three day old wheat sprouts.

8 Essential Amino Acids of Wheatgrass & Common Foods

Per 100 Grams Unit WheatGrass Sprout Spinach Broccoli Eggs Chicken
Threonine g 1.360 0.254 0.122 0.091 0.597 0.726
Isoleucine g 1.450 0.287 0.147 0.109 0.679 0.877
Phenylalanine g 1.820 0.350 0.129 0.084 0.661 0.682
Arginine g 2.030 0.425 0.162 0.145 0.746 1.099
Alanine g 2.280 0.295 0.142 0.118 0.693 1.021
Aspartic Acid g 4.310 0.453 0.240 0.213 1.250 1.565
Glutamic Acid g 4.350 1.871 0.343 0.375 1.626 2.568
Aspartic Acid g 1.570 0.674 0.112 0.114 0.496 0.846
Wheatgrass used is indoor grown freeze dried 42.8% protein, 8.4% moisture, courtesy of Sheldon Farms
(analysis by Northeast Labs.) Sprouts are 3 day old wheat sprouts. Vegetable data from USDA
Human Research Center Nutrient Data Lab Release 11-1.

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