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How to Drink or Apply WOW Wheatgrass

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How to Drink Your WOW Wheatgrass

You can take one to two ounces per day. Each cup holds 1.5 ounces even though it says 1 ounce on the bottom of each cup. Upon receiving your WOW wheatgrass juice Freeze it immediately. When you are ready to drink take following steps for optimal experience and effectiveness

1) Remove one or two cups of frozen wheatgrass juice and place it in a cup of room temp water. Make sure that the cap is still in place of the cup. You are not mixing the wheatgrass juice with water but thawing it.

2) In 10 minutes the juice should be liquid. Remove and shake the cup thoroughly. Remove the lid and drink the juice but before swallowing swish the juice for 10 seconds. This will remove plaque from your teeth and improve absorption.

3) After swallowing drink half to a full glass of water and enjoy the experience.

Cuts & Burn

Remove the lid off a frozen wheatgrass shot and gently rub the frozen wheatgrass on top of the cut or a burn. If there is a lot of bleeding then hold the wheatgrass shot on to the cut or the burn without rubbing it. Do the application 3 to 4 times during the day. Do not throw the wheatgrass away after each application shut the lid on the unused frozen wheatgrass shot and store it in the freezer and reuse the same until it is all used.


Clean the area with warm water and then apply Pure Bliss Oil gently on the swollen area at least 2 to 3 times a day for several days until the swelling or pain is completely resolved.


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