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Why Use Pure Bliss Oil?

Pure Bliss Oil is a topical fast acting herbal blend of oils for stress reduction in both human and pets. It is simple and easy to use, cost effective and results are amazing. Stress is the number one killer in the world, numerous amounts of studies have shown that stress is the cause or adds to the aggravation in a disease process by keeping the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenals over worked and constantly active. It starts with what your mind perceives as an immediate threat to your survival from the six expectations—relationship, money, health, religion, death and freedom. The first three expectations take most of your time and resources and the last three only come into play when the first three don’t work out. For example: potentially loosing your job, house, spouse, money or health can turn into a constant worrying episode to bringing on a weakened immune system leading to ailments and health issues. In most cases the reason is lack of proper understanding of our physical needs, planning and guidance to know how things work. Calibration The weigh scale in your house if not calibrated before every use will give you a wrong measure just like any instrument. Human body/mind does millions of calculations each day on your vitals and functioning and lot of the calculations are automated. A proper functioning of this system is depends upon proper maintenance and nourishment of the body. Maintenance would include: proper exercise and rest (relaxation), nourishment would include: whole foods with proper nutrition. If one instrument like your weigh scale is not calibrated to be zero before use can give you false results a human mind without a proper daily reset can lead to many types of inaccuracies.

How Will Pure Bliss Oil Help?

Stress is caused by unfulfilled expectaions in life that get played over and over again in your mind—you refer it to mind chatter. The mind chatter is constant, relentless unwavering and repetitious—like a radio that never shuts off in your head. It is here all your addictions take birth, anything that will tune you out of this mind chatter and give you peace and quite for any length of time will become your addiction. Cigarettes, Alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs are designed for one and only one thing to give your mind a well needed break. The break is temporary at best but it takes a big toll on your lungs, liver and kidneys. How can one relax and not pay the price with health and still be effective for long time.

Best Practices in using PBO

Once you have your supply of PBO you can do this experiment and see it for your self. The exercise is simple and easy to do and will only take few moments to show you how effective this can be. 1) Read carefully and thoroughly the insert that is a part of the PBO package. The insert has all the PBO application points. 2) Sit comfortably with your eyes closed for 10 minutes. In most cases you will notice that a swarm of thoughts rush through the front part of your brain with chatter. When this happened try not to control your thoughts but just be aware that you are having thoughts and you become conscious and unconscious one after another. These first 10 minutes can be painful but necessary for what follows next. 3) Apply the PBO as per instructions but start the application by applying the oil on the bridge of the nose or the boney part of your nose and then the space in between the eyebrows. The importance of this application cannot be over emphasized. 4) Once you have the oil applied on all the parts of your head and body then close your eyes and sit. You will observe that your breathing is deeper and relaxed. Very little chatter if at all. This experience will keep growing deeper as time passes. Your breath will further relax and you will feel a sense of peace and relaxation. You can sit in this state for as long as you like. 5) Once you are up and moving you will notice that the relaxation will stay with you for much of the day depending on things you have to accomplish. 6) Do this two-part exercise—no PBO at first and followed with a PBO application for at least a week and continue if you enjoy the experience of stillness and peace.

How Will Pure Bliss Oil Help Pets?

PBO works extremely well on pets—especially dogs. The first case of PBO application on a Weimaraner name Brady. Brady had developed an acute separation anxiety where he would pee or poop if left alone even for half an hour. His care taker Tony was very patient with him and took him to every possible solution provider there was. He tried both pharmacuticals and herbal remedies such as “Rescue Remedy” to no avail and had pretty much given up on a solution to his problem. He was in a mode of thinking where he would factor in the cleanup time necessary for him to plan his day—it was a dead given that Brady will have an accident. This changed when I first approached Tony a team leader at a local health food store to use PBO for human stress relief. When I explained to him the effectiveness he asked if PBO will work on pets. I said it will if used according to directions. It has been 5 months and Brady has not had any accident of peeing or pooping when left alone. Below you can read Tony’s testimonial.

Why does PBO work on Pets?

Dogs, cats, horses and birds, have similar brain mechanism to human brain with similar types of neural circuitry. They have same flight and fight response system, lobs of brain with a brain stem and a long spinal cod. The way PBO works in general is that when applied to the frontal and back of the brain is that it relaxes the neural circuitry that houses habits and responses. Once this key circuitry is relaxed the brain goes into a state of consciousness—so any pre-programmed response is totally bypassed. When repeated over again the brain has an alternative rather than the unwanted response that it had come up on its own. If you interested in using PBO on pets please follow the directions on ”How to Use PBO on Pets.” that comes with the packaging. We spend a lot of money on therapy and pharmaceuticals for behavior modifications from depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD without realizing that consciousness state is truly our default state and it can be triggered quite easily. However, we have to develop this pathway. The above exercises will develop the consciousness state in and around you and one day your definition of “you” or “I” will change to include everything beyond your body as well. This integrated state will be stress free.

How To Order Pure Bliss Oil?

Our complete website will be up and running in next 3 weeks, if you wish to try PBO please call 216-287-0237 and someone will take your order. The product will arrive within 2 days and shipping is FREE. Two choices you have are:

• 1 bottle is $13.99 and shipping is free within continental USA.

• If you order 7 or more bottles the price of each bottle will drop to $11.99 over 10% in savings and shipping is free within USA.


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