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Why is a Deep Tissue Cleanse Necessary?

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A deep tissue cleanse involves cleansing or ridding the body of toxins at a cellular level. A human body has trillions of cells that go through a complete birth, function and death cycle. If this cycle is broken at any point it leads to a disease. For example when a cell cannot die and keeps growing we call it cancer or if a cell has an issue with its metabolic functioning it can lead to ulcers, acid reflux and other metabolic diseases.

A cell gets diseased when outside elements like viruses, toxins, pathogen or bacteria breaches and enters into a cell. Cells have their own system and infrastructure in place that gets disrupted and it starts to behave abnormally. To illustrate lets say you are walking barefoot in a park and accidently you step on a thorn. Your immediate reaction after knowing would be to stop, locate and remove the thorn from your foot—simple. Once the thorn is removed you feel relieved and normal again. Now assume you couldn’t remove the thorn for some reason the reactions following that could be many. You will try to avoid any pressure on the exact place of the thorn, you will apply a lotion to immediate point to sooth and cool it. If it persist you might have to buy a special shoe to not put too much pressure on the thorn. If it is not addressed immediately it can be very uncomfortable and can lead to several other complications. Anything short of removing the thorn would be a poor solution to the pain problem, this is exactly what we are doing today with our healthcare we are managing the pain problem without addressing the core issue.

Toxins and viruses can be thought as micro miniature thorns that enter a cell wall and stay there. Once in place similar to the thorn example if not removed it leads to pain, dysfunction and diseases. Since viruses and toxins are not pathogens none of the antibiotics work and strictly rely on body’s immune system to identify and remove them. Each year in the United States people are inoculated with a dead version of the virus so that your body’s immune system can detect and remove them. If it was not for our immune system we would be dead long time ago and would not have survived thus far. Your immune system is the primary cleanser in your body.

Cleansing Basics


Boost Your Immune System

One way to keep your immune system boosted is to keep your blood clean. Beside, transporting nutrition and oxygen, blood is a primary building block of everything in your body. The best cleanser for blood is Green Foods and by this I mean real foods—spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, wheatgrass and such—foods high in chlorophyll. Why is that? Chlorophyll molecule is just one element away from being human blood (hemoglobin). Chlorophyll and blood have same molecular structure, chlorophyll has magnesium and hemoglobin has iron. That is why human blood turn blue to red when it attaches itself with oxygen in your lung—oxidized blood—and when it releases the oxygen to be absorbed by the organs, tissues, muscles of the body it turns blue.

The importance of green foods cannot be over emphasized, but remember if they are not in their original form them they are not as effective like powdered foods. Today the health food stores sell a variety of powder food products as a convenience but do not realize how much of the food is rendered dead when processed.

Cleansing Tissue, Organs and Muscles

People generally think of flushing their bowels as a cleanse. A good bowel movement can be induced by a natural or conventional laxative, which does eliminate some old feces and give you a sense of lightness but is not the real thing. In addition you can pick your choose with the timeline—one, two, four or ten day cleanses. The price point can vary from $10 to over $100 but marketed mostly between $30 or $40 at a health food store.

A cleanse is not a flush. A thorough cleanse is a seven day process where your entire body purges any dead cells, viruses, toxins, bacteria or plaque. The purge is a process by which the toxin is dislodged from the cell it inhabits. The toxin is then tagged by the immune system as waste and eliminated through your GI tract and bowels. The seven-day period is supported by a proper diet—mostly vegan and raw foods—to maintain its effectiveness.

What is involved and Why Seven days?

The major portion of this cleansing method involves a seven day whole body massage with select herbal oils made with Sesame, coconut, almond oils. For example most cooling cleanses will have coconut oil as a base. The herbal oils are all natural and there is no artificial anything in the oils.

The required time of seven day ensures that the herbs and oil have had all the opportunity to reach the deepest portion of your body. It is quite possible on day seven you might even feel a little oily discharge in your stool—which will get back to normal in few days thereafter.

The total time required is 40 minutes daily for seven-day period. Please refer to the “How to do a Cleanse?” before starting one. The steps are simple and easy to follow.



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  2. 12 pills of herbal laxatives to flush out the GI tract.
  3. 70 1 ounce of frozen wheatgrass shots to continue your cleanse beyond 7 days.
  4. Enema syringe for thorough cleansing of the colon, liver and bowels.

Types of Cleanses

Type Disease or Imbalance to Correct
Rejuvenating Weight loss, diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, tumors, fibroids, flu (with mucous production) and cigarette and drug addiction.
Cooling Acid reflux, gout, GERD, pain with inflammation, colitis, ulcers, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, Crohn’s, alcohol addiction
Relaxation Nervous disorders, aches and pain, arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, planters fasciitis, fibromyalgia and flu (with no mucous production)

How to Choose a Cleanse?

Disease / Ailment Type of Cleanse to Choose
Gallbladder With gallstones and pain use Rejuvenating cleanse.
Gallbladder With general issues of gallbladder without stones choose relaxation cleanse.
Liver Fatty liver disease use Rejuvenating cleanse; Psoriatic or inflamed liver use cooling cleanse.
Colon or Bowels Colitis with or without bleeding use cooling cleanse; Crohn’s use relaxation cleanse.
Intestines For any or all intestinal disease use Cooling cleanse.
Candida or Yeast With burning sensation use Cooling cleanse; without burning sensation use relaxation cleanse.
All Skin Conditions Use Cooling Cleanse.
Flu Mucous producing, congested chest and cough use rejuvenating cleanse.


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